Selected Resources, Services, Products and Collaborations


Picky Bars, a Laird Superfood Company
“Real [Good] Food, Built to Fuel.”

Picky Bars believes real food is the best fuel. Picky Bars is a food company based in Bend, Oregon, with a mission to “Create a real food energy bar balanced for sport, meaning easy-to-digest, feel-good ingredients carefully mixed in a macronutrient harmony that supports big workouts, without the chemicals or cheap fillers found in lots of sport-specific products.” Picky Bars products combine “fast-acting carbs and long-lasting fats (with a touch of protein for recovery), dates and a nut/seed butter” to make delicious, finished products: energy bars, oatmeal, granola, and Drizzle (spread).

Back to the Garden specializes in disease prevention and reversal using lifestyle changes and healthy eating.


Stronger. Faster. Better.
Total Performance Physical Therapy is the top-rated state-of-the-art physical therapy and aquatic therapy clinic with four locations Pennsylvania. Voted one of the best physical therapy clinics in the country by Advance Physical Therapy Magazine, Total Performance Physical Therapy provides hands-on and individual attention to each patient.
Myofacial Awareness Therapy, Relaxation Massage and Meditation

Timothy Garrison, LMT
Founder of Tigar Bodyworks

Heather Moore
Owner at Total Performance Physical Therapy


Aruna is an impact driven athleisure brand creating lifelong freedom through employment marked by holistic care. Free. Employ. Empower. All products crafted in freedom by freed Artisans. Use code “BELLE10” for 10% off your purchase at The Aruna Project!
“The healing power of creative arts and work to lift the love vibration here on Earth, one spirited-made piece at a time.”
“I have a deep desire to utilize my creative gifts to bring more light, love, and essentially healing to our world.”
– Tari Zarka

K.Y.M. Jewelry

Kim has been creating jewelry for moms, brides and beautiful women since 2003. Exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made with pearls, crystal, repurposed antique and vintage brooches, pendants and pins. Gorgeous lariats in sterling silver or soft vegan suede with a design that can be worn three different ways. Custom Equine Accessories for Horse and Owner. Horse lovers will appreciate the unique channel-less design of the Brow Band created exclusively by K.Y.M. Equine! Proudly U.S. Patented since February 2020!
Photographer Gemma Thomas, wife and mom of three. Sweet Pearl Photography specializes in magical photoshoots, boudoir, and lifestyle photography.